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  YOUR CO-HOST   Oakland Catholic High School is a Roman Catholic, college preparatory school for over 500 girls in grades 9-12.



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Powerful Ways to Improve Critical Thinking & Writing w/ Nathan Levy, Educator & Author, Nathan Levy
Explore numerous, proven methods to reach and effectively challenge highly capable children with well-known author and educator Nathan Levy. Come away with a variety of new strategies and specific ideas to help learners become better creative and critical thinkers. Bring your thinking caps and your funny bones.
Growing Changemakers w/ Dr. Kate Bachtel, (Board President of SENG) Founder, SoulSpark Learning
The paradoxical strength in gifted children’s sensitivities is a source of power that can transform unjust systems; however, these same sensitivities can render gifted learners particularly vulnerable. Gifted students born with social justice genes deserve preparation for the arduous nature of the changemaker journey. Today's political reality is not congruent with the peaceful society our children dream of and yearn to co-create. When we push against an unjust system, it pushes back. Together we can expedite equity by defining what it means to be a changemaker, explaining obstacles to expect along the way and sharing proven practices that support evolution. Learn about ways to support students in being the change they wish to realize in the world.
How to Assess Summer Enrichment Programs w/ tba, Summer Discovery
The selections seem infinite, as do the possible settings, purposes, and emphases. These are the wide assortment of summer enrichment programs all offering experiences that would provide your child with intellectual and emotional growth. But how would you look for a program that is best suited for your child’s needs and for your financial budget? More importantly, how might you assess the program’s suitability relative to the benefits that it may provide? Join in for a discussion that could enable you to contribute meaningfully to your child’s life.