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  YOUR CO-HOST   Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child serves over 500 students in grades K-12 in Summit, NJ. Grades K-6 are coeducational; grades 7-12 are all girls.



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Powerful Ways to Improve Critical Thinking & Writing with Nathan Levy, Educator & Author, Nathan Levy
Explore numerous, proven methods to reach and effectively challenge highly capable children with well-known author and educator Nathan Levy. Come away with a variety of new strategies and specific ideas to help learners become better creative and critical thinkers. Bring your thinking caps and your funny bones.
Multipotientiality & Decision-Making with Jiaxi Wu, Asst. Dir. of Gifted & Talented Program, Montclair State University
The condition is known as multipotentiality and it can be the bane of those with high ability. Those with capability, with their advanced intellectual abilities and intensive curiosities, are prime candidates for multipotentiality: the excelling in multiple subjects or academic areas. It can make things complicated when one is faced with choosing among a variety of options with seemingly equal amounts of appeal. So, if you feel you or your children sometimes have difficulty with decision making, you may do well to learn about multipotentiality - what it looks like, why it matters, and what strategies you can follow to mitigate the challenges it presents.
The Relevance of Learning History with Paul Kutner, Chair - World Language Dept., Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child
At Harvard, history is described as encompassing “every dimension of human interaction, including social life, the economy, culture, thought, and politics”. There are few fields that can offer the intellectual explorer as much variety as history - you need only to take the first steps. So, how do we make history come alive and how can we apply it to other disciplines? Join in to hear how researching Holocaust participants – a subject with many layers - is woven together to create a lesson that makes us more enlightened and knowledgeable. Experience first-hand why we should value the study of history and then see how you can foster an interest in your children to strengthen their capacity for learning and understanding.
The Heart of EQ: Tools to Empower w/ Dr. Kate Bachtel, (Board President of SENG) Learner, Educator, Equity Activist, SoulSpark Learning
Emotional intelligence – EQ - is inextricably tied to cognition, achievement and well-being. Join in this presentation and acquire a variety of evidence-based strategies and tools to cultivate the development of discrete social and emotional skills in gifted learners. Learn ways to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism, develop optimism, engage intrinsic motivation and enhance emotional literacy while growing healthy relationships. You will leave empowered with practices to support student social and emotional development in school and at home.
Technology in Education with Alex J. Podchaski, Dir. of Technology, Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child
Implementation of technology can greatly enhance the classroom experience. Optimal adoption and application of technology can create a classroom environment that not only bolsters a student’s capacity to learn but also allows one to take advantage of the opportunities that invariably come when new technologies become available. Partake in an interactive presentation on the current trends in instructional technology, the impact of technology on different types of learners, and how to work with educators to best integrate technology into your student's life.
Let Your Voice be Heard … (grades 4-6, 7-10) w/ Zeph Chang, Dir. of Education, Lumos Debate Institute
… by becoming adept at the art of public speaking. It is in the thrill of arguing – and more than just knowing how to use evidence to support your case. It's also about employing body language, and tone, and enunciation, all to your advantage to convince others to see your point of view. Arguing can be fun. But knowing how to argue effectively is a rush.
(grades 4-6 & 7-10, session limit: 20)
3 D (printing) - 2 D 4   (grades 4-8) w/ Cynthea Traverso, Upper School Math Teacher, Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child
Be a hands-on participant with the latest in manufacturing technology. The future is now with 3-D printing – the technology is being used already to craft components for the medical, fashion, and even food industries, to name just a very few. Learn about 3-D printing and see what’s being designed and created with software and the press of a button. And, this is almost exactly what you will be doing in this session. Visualize your personalized keychain, backpack or luggage tag. Learn and operate the software Tinkercad to detail your design and then the computer will do the rest. Your product will be printed and mailed to you making you a tagged citizen of the 21st century.
(grades 4-8, session limit: 16)
Creating a Virtual World   (grades 6-12) w/ John Petito, Upper Sch. History Teacher, and Shelley Hinson, Upper Sch. Computer Science Teacher,  Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child
Allow your sensations to work overtime. With the help of virtual reality headsets and computer programs, you can feel the aura of Machu Picchu, the desolation of Antarctica, the grandeur of space from the confines of International Space Station. You may almost sense the altitude, the cold, the starkness when you experience these locations without leaving New Jersey. So, get armed with some Google Expedition virtual reality goggles and a smattering of online apps and programs, learn how to create a digital environment so that others can experience sensations that exist beyond the Delaware-Raritan Canal and realize, first-hand, the potential of what virtual reality can do with the educational landscape.
(grades 6-12, session limit: 20)
The Magic of Modern Tinkering   (grades 4-12) w/ Kimberly Connolly, Lower Sch. Technology Coordinator, and Tanya Grap, Lower Sch. Science Teacher,  Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child
For the free-form tinkerer in all of us – enter into a room that fulfills the dreams of every free-form 21st century tinkerer the world over. Enter, and find a cache of electronics, tools and programs that will let you and your imagination journey into realms of innovation, design, engineering and science. Code with Dot and Dash, program with Sphero, tinker with Makey Makey, invent with LittleBits … Aren’t familiar with any or all of these techno-tools? No problem, there will be capable techno-nauts available to light the way. So, tinker, make and go for it. Tink long and prosper!
(grades 4-12, session limit: 20)