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  YOUR CO-HOST   Oakland Catholic High School is a Roman Catholic, college preparatory school for over 500 girls in grades 9-12.




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Learning Capability with Global Competency w/ Cindy McNulty, Dir. - Global Competence Intiative Program and Faculty: English & Social Studies, Oakland Catholic High School
It is the acquisition of global competence that broadens an understanding of the world and generates a greater thirst for knowledge. Global competence reflects an interest in the geographical and political underpinnings of life beyond our borders that often touch our own lives directly, in both large and small ways. Significantly, it is this awareness of other cultures that makes us receptive to new ideas and spurs our desire to make new discoveries. Join in a discussion that will help you raise the global competence of your child effectively that, in turn, will stimulate a lifelong longing to learn.
Creating Compassionate and Competent Students w/ Mary Clair Kasunic, President, Oakland Catholic High School
An integrated approach to education can mean much more than conducting cross-disciplinary projects.. Beyond the attainment of, and the ability to apply, knowledge, a critical objective of the education process is to develop the student as a responsible citizen. Inculcating values that reinforce tolerance, compassion, and empathy for other persons and other communities serves to both widen a student’s sensitivity to others and extends the student’s capacity to listen - both vital skills for success in school and beyond. See how you can do more than simply provide volunteer opportunities for your child so that he, or she, can develop into a compassionate, and competent, citizen.
Make Your Writing Flow (grades 6-9) w/ Cathy Fratto, Social Studies Teacher & Writing Coach, Oakland Catholic High School
Writing … it’s never easy for most of us. Even for those of us where writing “comes naturally” there are times when we have trouble organizing thoughts and words. Still, the ability to communicate effectively on paper (or computer) is one of the most important skill sets to have; a skill that is invaluable to achieve success in school and in life beyond. Give your ability to write a boost by discovering how to organize and construct essays competently and efficiently through fun and engaging activities. The rest is gravy.
(grades 6-9, session limit: 20)
La La Land in the City of Bridges (grades 4-12) w/ Sonya Caceres, Music Teacher, Oakland Catholic High School
Get down and dance! Be a part of a tour de force that involves music, singing and … dancing. It’s loud, it’s active and, best of all, it’s fun. Within one hour, you will be introduced to, and will be performing in, a Broadway ensemble number. You’ll pick up pointers on movement, acting, and stage craft. Then, following a group warmup, immerse yourself in the excitement of musical theatre. So, forget your troubles and just get happy, and chase all your cares away.
(grades 4-12, session limit: 25)
The Definitive Mouse Catcher Contraption (grades 4-6 & 7-12) w/ Amy Blackmond, Computer Science Teacher, Oakland Catholic High School
Conflate simplicity to convolution in the best traditions of Rube Goldberg. Tapping the capabilities of six simple machines (lever, inclined plane, wedge, wheel and axle, screw and pulley) you and your team are charged with creating a complex chain reaction device that will successfully (and, hopefully, non-lethally) capture and contain a mouse. Apply your knowledge of physics and of engineering to construct a mechanism worthy of the “oohs” and “ahs” of the public.
(grades 4-6 & 7-12, session limit: 15)
Pittsburgh … We Have Splashdown! (grades 4-6 & 7-12) w/ Steve Granor, Physics Teacher, Oakland Catholic High School
In 1997, NASA landed a robotic spacecraft on Mars. Named Pathfinder, the spacecraft made its successful descent, weathering the Martian atmosphere and gravitation, using a parachute, retrorockets and airbags, and delivering its payload to the Martian surface. NASA engineers celebrated soon after. In 2018, you will conduct a landing mission of your own, using your engineering skills to create a landing device that will deliver a raw egg to the surface in Pittsburgh. Like the Pathfinder landing mission, factors like force, momentum and acceleration will come into play as the mission will initiate from a “great height”. Take the challenge to join those who have celebrated.
(grades 4-6 & 7-12, session limit: 20)
Adventures in Pneumatic Awareness (grades 7-10) w/ Amanda Skoner, Science Teacher, Oakland Catholic High School
It was almost 400 years ago when Evangelista Torricelli demonstrated the existence of atmospheric pressure with his mercury barometer. Covering the earth as a 300 mile gaseous sheath (air), the atmosphere exerts a force upon the earth’s surface at sea level of 15 pounds per square (psi) inch. Our lives, and everything around us, are defined by the constant weight of air that surrounds us. Change the force around us too quickly and our blood could boil. Subject an additional 15 psi of pressure on a tin can and see how quickly the can flattens. See for yourself, and more - come explore, and understand, some of the characteristics of the “pressures” on life.
(grades 7-10, session limit: 16)