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  YOUR CO-HOST   St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School serves 1,100 students in grades JK-12 on three separate, but proximate, campuses (grades JK-5, 6-8 and 9-12) in Alexandria, VA. The Forum will be held at the upper school campus on St. Stephen’s Road.


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Emotional Regulation & the Twice Exceptional Child w/ Joshua Metz, LCSW, Head of School, The Auburn School-Fairfax
Why is it that my child is intellectually two grades ahead his age group and yet throws tantrums and has less self control than his younger sibling? To understand why, come join an expert for a discussion on the neurobiology of emotional regulation. More significantly, discover how you can help your children – or students – leverage their cognitive gifts in ways that will support and develop their social and emotional thinking.
Powerful Ways to Improve Critical Thinking & Writing w/ Nathan Levy, Educator & Author, Nathan Levy
Explore numerous, proven methods to reach and effectively challenge highly capable children with well-known author and educator Nathan Levy. Come away with a variety of new strategies and specific ideas to help learners become better creative and critical thinkers. Bring your thinking caps and your funny bones.
The Heart of EQ: Tools to Empower w/ Dr. Kate Bachtel, (Board President of SENG) Learner, Educator, Equity Activist, SoulSpark Learning
Emotional intelligence – EQ - is inextricably tied to cognition, achievement and well-being. Join in this presentation and acquire a variety of evidence-based strategies and tools to cultivate the development of discrete social and emotional skills in gifted learners. Learn ways to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism, develop optimism, engage intrinsic motivation and enhance emotional literacy while growing healthy relationships. You will leave empowered with practices to support student social and emotional development in school and at home.
Developing Effective Executive Functioning Skills w/ Evan Weinberger, Co-Founder & President, Illuminos, LLC
When in school, students are exposed to all sorts of subject matter: history, science, mathematics … and the foundational tools - reading, writing – that can help them extend their knowledge as learners. What is often missing in the process is the gainful development of core executive functioning skills; skills that facilitate organization, prioritization, goal-setting, time-management, self-presentation … the skills that provide students with the capacity to maximize their learning experience, their performance potential and their ability to thrive in the face of learning differences in and beyond the classroom. Join in and discover how to enable your child master those critical executive function skills. Help your student get the most out of the school experience.
Planning for High School for Advanced Learners w/ Michelle Muratori, Ph.D., Senior Counselor,  Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
Take advantage of professional advice as you, a parent, or you, a student, plan and prepare for high school. If you are concerned about identifying and ultimately choosing a high school program that will best serve your academic, social and emotional needs, then come and gain insights and tips that are invaluable in enabling the advanced learner to navigate the high school–planning process. Learn too, of resources that will help students develop interests during the high school years and, in turn, contribute to student growth and generate a stronger college application.
Forming the Future with 3D Printing  (grades 4-8) with  Colleen McNeil, Dir. of Information Technology,  St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School
Believe it or not, 3D printing technology is entering its 4th decade.  Yet the process retains its novelty so as to equate its existence as still something out of the future. Gone are the muscles and anvils needed to craft precision tools at the corner blacksmith, or the mechanical training required to form high-precision items in machine shops. It almost seems that all you need is a mechanical eye and the ability to understand computer aided design (CAD) software. So, if you have at least one eye, a desire to play with CAD software and an hour, become an industrial designer and design and prototype physical objects with the latest in manufacturing technology - the 3D printer.
(grades 4-8, session limit: 20)
Show Your Schtick in a Comic Strip  (grades 6-12) with  Demetrius Seger, Art Teacher - Alexandria Campus,  Fusion Academy
Let your creativity run wild when you are given the rudiments of comic strip creation.  Gain an idea of how the pros channel their thoughts and ideas to generate a visual storyline that captures the heart and mind, or the funny bone, of the reader. Then take a turn to craft your own strip. To be sure, you will get helpful prompts, and other tips that cover the concepts of character development and themes … the rest is up to you. If you think you can’t draw, you will discover that this supposed inadequacy is very much over-rated. Having imagination is what counts.
(grades 6-12, session limit: 25)